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Anand Bulusu

Anand Bulusu



CMOS Digital Circuits, VLSI Devices, Mixed-Signal Design, Low Voltage CMOS Circuit Design and Modeling

From To Designation Organisation
2006 2007 Sr. Research Engineer IIT Bombay
2007 2008 Sr. Design Engineeer Freescale Semiconductor India (Presently NXP Semiconductrs)
2008 2014 Assistant Professor IIT Roorkee
2014 2019 Associate Professor IIT Roorkee
2019 Present Professor IIT Roorkee
Degree Subject University Year Studied
Ph.D Microelectronics IIT Bombay 2006
From To Designation Organisation Level
2013 On going Faculty Advisor IEEE CAS Student Chapter, IIT Roorkee
2014 On going Branch Counsellor IEEE Student Branch
2021 Ongoing Chairman M.Tech (VLSI) for Working Industry Professionals, IIT Roorkee -
Scheme Sponsoring Agency Other Faculties Year Sponsored
Development and Efficient Characterization of FB and DT CMOS PDSOI Standard Cell Libraries DST (AMT) 2019
Negative capacitance fet (NCFET): fabrication/modeling/simulation for design of digital circuits DST Nano Mission 2019
An Energy Efficient IOT Processor Built Using an Optimized Near-Threshold Voltage Standard Cell Library IMPRINT-2 (SERB) 2019
A Robust and Scalable VLSI Test Methodology for High Performance CMOS Designs Considering Spatial and Temporal Variations Semiconductor Research Corporation 2018
ICT Academy DIETY 2016
Chips to Systems Design (SMDP) DIETY 2015
Robust Methodology for Nanoscale VLSI Circuit Design Considering Layout Dependent Variatiations DST 2013
Nanoscale FinFET Device and Circuit Design Methodology DST 2009
Smart Contactless Technology Development For Smart Fencing DST 2020
A PDSOI Analog Cell Library Consisting 2 Stage OPAMPS And Comparators Designed Considering Floating Body And Self Heating Effects ISRO 2020
Development of 1.8/5V/10V/20V I/O Pads in SCL’s 0.18µm CMOS Process ISRO 2020
A Design Methodology of Compute-In-Memory SRAM Macro for AI/ML Applications Semiconductor Research Corporation 2020
Membership Details
IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, Member
IEEE Electron Device Society, Member
IEEE Solid State Circuits Society, Member
Title Course Code Course Semester
Fundamentals of Microelectronics EC 344 UG Spring
Analog Circuits EC 205 UG Autumn
Digital VLSI Circuit Design EC 573 PG + UG Spring
Semiconductor Devices EC 142 U.G. Spring
Analog VLSI Circuit Design EC 581 PG Spring
Automatic Control Systems EC 222 UG Spring
Electronic Network Theory EC 291 UG Autumn
Fundamentals of Electronics EC 102 U.G. Spring
Topic Scholar Name Status of PhD Registration Year
FinFET Device-Circuit interaction (Analog Domain) Shashank Bancchor A 2015
NC-TunnelFET Devie-Circuit Interaction Khoiram Johnson O 2019
Circuit design for in-memory computing Dinesh Kushwaha O 2018
Tunnel FET Device-Circuit Interaction Abhishek Acharya A 2015
CMOS PLL Design Neeraj Mishra A 2016
Low Voltage CMOS VCO Design Lalit Dani A 2015
Near Threshold CMOS Digital Circuit Design and Analysis Inder Chaudhary A 2014
FinFET device-circuit interaction in low-voltage domain Sarita Yadav O 2016
Mechanical Stress Aware Nanoscale VLSI Circuit Design Methodologies Arvind Sharma A 2013
Modeling of FinFET device parasitics Archana Pandey A 2012
TunnelFET device-circuit co-design Menaka A 2010
Device-circuit co-design of Silicon Nanowire transistor Satish Maheshwaram A 2010
Performance models for nanoscale VLSI circuits Baljit Kaur A 2010
Robust circuit design methodology for nanoscale VLSI technologies Naushad Alam A 2009
Analog Circuit Design in PDSOI Technologies HS Jattana O 2019
Radiation Hard Circuit Design at Cryogenic Temperature Ashutosh Yadav O 2019
NCFET Device Circuit Interaction Amit Bahera O 2019
Near Threshold Standard Cell Design Mahipal D. O 2019
Variation Aware Efficient Standard Cell Characterization Lomash Acharya O 2019
Design Methodology for Compute-in- Memory SRAM Macro Neha Gupta O 2020
Energy Harvesting System and Power Management Circuits Kartikay Mani Tripathi O 2020
Mixed Signal Design Ravi O 2021
NCFET Device-Circuit Interaction Nitanshu Chauhan O 2017
Course Name Sponsored By Date Participated
Design Issues in Nanoscale VLSI Circuits and Systems QIP 10-Jun
Title Place Date Delivered
FinFET Device Circuit Co-Design: Issues and Challenges IEEE VLSI Design Conference 2015, Bangalore 04.01.2015
Nanoscale VLSI Circuit Design: Timing Issues and Solutions NITTTR, Chandigarh 09.10.2016
Topic Organisation Level
Process variation aware Standard Cell extraction Freescale Semiconductor India Pvt. Ltd. PG
Tunnel FET Device Modeling ST Microelectronics PG
CMOS VCO Design ST Microelectronics PG
High Speed Circuits Global Foundries PG

Selected Publications in International Journals

  1. Lalit Mohan Dani, Neeraj Mishra, and Anand Bulusu," A Variation Aware Jitter Estimation Methodology in ROs Considering Over/Undershoots in NTV Regime" Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs.
  2. Khoirom Johnson Singh, Sudeb Dasgupta and Anand Bulusu, "Origin of Negative Capacitance Transient in Ultrascaled Multidomain Metal-Ferroelectric-Metal Stack and Hysteresis-Free Landau Transistor" Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices.
  3. Nitanshu Chauhan, Navjeet Bagga, Shashank Banchhor, Arnab Dutta, Sudeb Dasgupta and Anand Bulusu, "Negative to Positive Differential Resistance Transition in Ferroelectric FET: Physical Insight and Utilization in Analog Circuits" Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control.
  4. Sarita Yadav, Nitanshu Chauhan, Shobhit Tyagi, Arvind Sharma, Shashank Banchhor, Rajiv Joshi, Rajendra Pratap and Anand Bulusu," A physical insight into variation aware minimum VDD for deep subthreshold operation of FinFET" Accepted for publication in IOP Science Semiconductor Science and Technology 2021.
  5. C.Garg, N.Chauhan, A.Sharma, S.Banchhor, A.Doneria, S.Dasgupta and Bulusu Anand,"Investigation of Trap-Induced Performance Degradation and Restriction on Higher Ferroelectric Thickness in Negative Capacitance FDSOI FET," Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices.
  6. S. Banchhor, N. Chauhan and Bulusu Anand, "A new physical insight into the zero temperature coefficient with self-heating in silicon-on-insulator FinFET, " Accepted for publication in Journal of IOP Science Semicond. Sci. Technol. 2021, vol. 36, no. 3, 035005. doi: 10.1088/1361-6641/abd220
  7. Neeraj Mishra, Lalit M Dani, S Chakraborty, R V Joshi and Bulusu Anand, "Delay Modulation in Separately Driven Delay Cells Utilized for the Generation of High-Performance Multiphase Signals Usings ROs," Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs.
  8. Lalit M Dani, Neeraj Mishra and Bulusu Anand, "An Efficient and Accurate Variation-Aware Design Methodology for Near-Threshold MOS-Varactor based VCO Architectures," Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems.
  9. Neeraj Mishra, Lalit M Dani, Kunal Sanvaniya, S. Dasgupta, S.Chakraborty and Anand Bulusu, "Design and Realization of High-Speed Low-Noise Multi-loop Skew-based ROs Optimized for Even/Odd Multi-Phase Signals," Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactons on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs.
  10. Chaudhry I. Kumar and Bulusu Anand, "A Highly Reliable and Energy Efficient Radiation Hardened 12T SRAM Cell Design, Accepted for pubilcation in IEEE Transactions on Device and Material Reliability.
  11. Lalit Dani, N. Mishra, A. Sharma, Bulusu Anand, “Variation Aware Prediction of Circuit Performance in Near-threshold Regime using Supply Independent Transition Threshold Points,” Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices.
  12. C. I. Kumar and B. Anand, "A Highly Reliable and Energy Efficient Triple-Node-Upset Tolerant Latch Design", Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science.
  13. Abhishek Acharya, A. B. Solanki, S. Glass, Q. T. Zhao, and Bulusu Anand, "Impact of Gate-Source Overlap on the Device/ Circuit Analog Performance of Line TFETs," Accepted for publication in IEEE TED.
  14. Shashank Banchhor, Kintada Dinesh Kumar, Ashish Dwivedi and Bulusu Anand, “A New Aspect of Saturation Phenomenon in FinFETs and Its Implication on Analog Circuits,” Accepted for publication in IEEE TED.
  15. Chaudhry Indra Kumar, Ishant Bhatia, Arvind Kumar Sharma, Deep Sehgal,H.S. Jatana, and Anand Bulusu, "A Physics based Variability Aware Methodology to Estimate Critical Charge for Near-Threshold Voltage Latches," Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on VLSI.
  16. Chaudhry Indra Kumar and Bulusu Anand, "High Performance Energy Efficient Radiation Hardened Latch for Low Voltage Applications,” Elsevier VLSI Journal of Integration, Accepted for publication.
  17. Chaudhry Indra Kumar, Arvind K. Sharma, Rajendra Partap, Anand Bulusu, “An energy-efficient variation aware self-correcting latch,” Elsevier Microelectronics Journal, pp. 67 – 78, February 2019.
  18. Chaudhry Indra Kumar and Bulusu Anand, “Design of highly reliable energy-efficient SEU tolerant 10T SRAM cell,” IET Electronics Letters, pp. 1423 – 1424, December 2018.
  19. Arvind Sharma, Naushad Alam and Anand Bulusu, “Effective Drive Current for Near-Threshold CMOS Circuits’ Performance Evaluation: Modeling to Circuit Design Techniques,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, pp. 2413 – 2421, June 2018.
  20. Abhishek Acharya, Abhishek Solanki, Sudeb Dasgupta and Bulusu Anand, “Drain Current Saturation in Line Tunneling-Based TFETs: An Analog Design Perspective,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Volume: 65, Issue: 1, Jan. 2018.
  21. Om Prakash , Satish Maheshwaram,Mohit Sharma Anand Bulusu , Sanjeev K. Manhas, “Performance and Variability Analysis of SiNW 6T-SRAM Cell using Compact Model with Parasitics,” IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology , Volume: 16, Issue: 6, Nov. 2017.
  22. Om Prakash, Swen Beniwal, Satish Maheshwaram, Anand Bulusu, Navab Singh, and S. K. Manhas, “Compact NBTI reliability modeling in Si nanowire MOSFETs and effect in circuits,” IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEVICE AND MATERIALS RELIABILITY, VOL. 17, NO. 2, JUNE 2017.
  23. Arvind Sharma, Naushad Alam and Anand Bulusu, “Effective Current Model for Inverter-Transmission Gate Structure and Its Application in Circuit Design,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 2017.
  24. Abhishek Acharya, Sudeb Dasgupta and Bulusu Anand, “A Novel VDSAT Extraction Method for Tunnel FETs and Its Implication on Analog Design,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, pp. 629-623, February 2017.
  25. Arvind Sharma, Naushad Alam, Sudeb Dasgupta, Bulusu Anand, “Multifinger MOSFETs’ Optimization Considering Stress and INWE in Static CMOS Circuits”, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, PP, no. 99, 2016. 
  26.  Baljit Kaur, Arvind Sharma, Naushad Alam, Sanjeev K. Manhas, Bulusu Anand, “A Variation Aware Timing Model for a 2-Input NAND Gate and Its Use in Sub-65nm CMOS Standard Cell Characterization”, Microelectronics Journal (Elsevier), vol. 53, pp. 45-55, 2016.
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Selected Publications in International Conferences:

  1. Lalit M. Dani, Neeraj Mishra and Anand Bulusu, “MOS Varactor RO architectures in Near Threshold Regime using Forward Body Biasing techniques,” VLSI Design Conference, January 2019, Delhi.
  2. Lalit M. Dani, N. Mishra, S.K. Banchhor, S. Miryala, A. Doneria, Bulusu Anand, “Design and Characterization of Bulk Driven MOS Varactor Based VCO at Near Threshold Regime,” IEEE-S3S, San Francisco, October 2018.
  3. R. Chawla, S. Yadav, A. Sharma, B. Kaur, R. Pratap and Bulusu Anand, “TSV Induced Stress Model and Its Application in Delay Estimation,” IEEE-S3S, San Francisco, October 2018.
  4. C. Inder Kumar and Bulusu Anand “Design and Analysis of Energy-Efficient Self-Correcting Latches Considering Metastability,” IEEE PRIME, July 2018, Prague.
  5. A. Sharma, N. Alam, A. Bulusu, “UTBB FD-SOI Circuit Design using Multifinger Transistors: A Circuit-Device Interaction Perspective,” IEEE PRIME, July 2018, Prague.
  6. Archana Pandey, Pitul Garg, Shobhit Tyagi, Rajeev Ranjan, Anand Bulusu, “A Modified Method of Logical Effort for FinFET Circuits considering of Fin-Extension Efforts,” Proceedings of IEEE ISQED-2018, Santa Clara.
  7. Abhishek Acharya, Sudeb Dasgupta and Bulusu Anand, "Impact of Device Design Parameters on VDSAT and Analog Performance of TFETs," Presented at IEEE Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop 2017, Japan.
  8. Chaudhry Indra Kumar, A. Sharma, S. Miryala, Bulusu Anand, "A novel energy-efficient self-correcting methodology employing INWE," IEEE SMACD, 2016, Lisbon.
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Total Citations