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Pyari Mohan Pradhan

Pyari Mohan Pradhan

Associate Professor


Signal Processing, Time Series Analysis, Time-Frequency Transforms, Wireless Sensor Network

From To Designation Organisation
2013 2014 Research Fellow Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, USA
Award Institute Year Awarded
Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program Fellowship Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), Canada 2009
Degree Subject University Year Studied
Ph.D. Electrical Sciences Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar 2012
Scheme Sponsoring Agency Other Faculties Year Sponsored
TIDE DST Prof. Debashis Ghosh (PI) 2017
CERI/MI DST Prof. N. P. Padhy (PI) 2018
R&D Logintech Solutions Pvt. Ltd 2020
R&D Sikonic Holding co. Ltd 2020
R&D Wellmatrix Co. Ltd. 2022
R&D TIH 2022
R&D Wellmatrix Co. Ltd. 2023
Membership Details
IEEE, Member
Topic Scholar Name Status of PhD Registration Year
Time-Frequency Representation Neha Singh Awarded 2014
Enhanced Soft Computing Techniques Prashant Jaichand Gaidhane Awarded 2015
Sign Language Recognition Navneet Nayan Ongoing 2017
Sign Language Recognition Mallika Ongoing 2017
Spatial Modulation Shekhar Pratap Singh Ongoing 2017
Time-Frequency Transforms Krishnendu K. Ongoing 2020
Satellite Time Series Analysis Subrat Kumar Acharya Ongoing 2020
Wireless Sensor Network Parth Ongoing 2020
Time Series Analysis Mahesh Kumar pal Ongoing 2020
Gait Analysis Arpit Omar Ongoing 2022
Institute Visited Purpose of Visit Visit Date
NIT Uttarakhand SMDP-C2S Program 25/04/2015

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  2. Bhavya Vasudeva, Puneesh Deora, P. M. Pradhan, and Sudeb Dasgupta, "Efficient implementation of LMS adaptive filter based FECG extraction on an FPGA", IET Healthcare Technology Letters, 7(5): 125-131, 2020.
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