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  • Achievement 13 Oct, 2021

    Prof. Avirup Dasgupta has won the prestigious IEEE EDS Early Career Award for his contributions to the field of Electron Devices. He is a co-founder of the Circuits and Device Research Group (CiDeR Group) at IIT Roorkee and currency leads the Device Research Lab (DiRac Lab), ECE, IIT Roorkee. He is a member of the Compact Model Coalition as well as the BSIM group and the Berkeley Device Modeling Center, UC Berkeley.

  • Achievement 13 Aug, 2021

    The team of Anchit Proch and Neeraj Mishra, led by Prof. Anand Bulusu submitted a proposal titled " A wide range, High Performance, Noise suppressing, skew-based, multi-loop VCRO Architecture" which was accepted in the prestigious open-source integrated design contest under the umbrella of the IEEE SSCS PICO Program.

  • Course 14 Sept, 2021

    E&ICT Academy : Online short course/FDP on "Open Power RISC based architecture Design (enabled by Industry IBM)" [Last Date- October 10, 2021] by EICT, IIT Roorkee Course Date- October 18 - 29, 2021

  • Achievement 03 Jul, 2021

    Prof. Avirup Dasgupta has been elevated to IEEE Senior Member grade for his contribution to the Electronic Devices Society (IEEE EDS). He currently leads the Device Research Lab (DiRac Lab) at ECE, IIT Roorkee, and is a member of the Berkeley Device Modeling Center (BDMC) and the BSIM group, UC Berkeley. His current interests include device design and modeling for future technology nodes, non-volatile memories including magnetic memories and ferroelectrics, and devices for artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and whole-genome sequencing.

  • Advertisement 03 Jul, 2021

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  • Achievement 30 June, 2021

    The team of Surila Guglani and Jyoti Patel led by Prof. Sourajeet Roy and Prof. Sudeb Dasgupta has received the prestigious Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (India) for 2021 for their project titled:" Fast Machine Learning Based Parametric SPICE Macromodel Extraction for FinFET Device-to-System Level Optimization"

  • Achievement 25 May, 2021

    Avinash Singh Research Scholar of the Department has been awarded prestigious and competitive fellowship PMRF for his proposal " DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF WIDEBAND LINEARIZED POWER AMPLIFIER" under the guidance of Prof Karun Rawat and Prof M.V.Kartikeyan. The Department congratulates Avinash for this success.

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We are launching a new 3-year MTech in VLSI program for working professionals.

All classes are live and can be attended remotely. Every semester, there is a contact Program with our faculty in Greater Noida Campus of IIT Roorkee.


IIT Roorkee gets technology hub in Cyber-Physical Systems: Divyasampark iHub

“Cyber-Physical System comprises an advanced suite of technologies that will address the challenges of Industry 4.0 and foster an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem. This initiative will offer us an opportunity to shape futuristic India.” :- Prof. Sudeb Dasgupta

New Faculty

Dr. Tharun Kumar Reddy Bollu has recently joined as an Assistant Professor in ECE Dept. He received B.Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 2013. After B.Tech he opted for M.Tech-Ph.D. in discipline of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.

Areas of Interest: Machine Learning for Signal processing, Deep Neural Networks, EEG signal processing and Brain Computer Interfaces.

New Faculty

Dr. Ekant Sharma has recently joined as an Assistant Professor in ECE Dept. He received the PhD and M.Tech. degree from IIT Kanpur, India, with the Signal Processing, Communication and Networks Group, in the department of Electrical Engineering.

Areas of Interest: Beyond 5G/6G communication, Practical massive MIMO, Cell-fee massive MIMO, Intelligent reflecting surfaces, Non-orthogonal multiple access, Full-duplex, Multi-cell and multi-hop communication, Unmanned aerial vehicles/Drones, Energy-efficient systems
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New Faculty

Dr. Akhilesh Mohan has recently joined as an Associate Professor in ECE Dept. He received the B. Tech. degree in Electronics Engineering from Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology Sultanpur, the M.Tech. degree and Ph.D. degree in Microwave Engineering from IIT Kanpur.

Areas of Interest: The design of planar antennas, microwave filters, and absorbers for wireless communication systems.

New Faculty

Dr. Avirup Dasgupta has recently joined as an Assistant Professor in ECE Dept. Dr. Avirup Dasgupta completed his undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur.

Areas of Interest: Numerical and compact models for emerging semiconductor technologies, modeling of psychopathology, room temperature quantum computing and genome sequencing.

New Faculty

Dr. Tanmoy Pramanik has recently joined as an Assistant Professor in ECE Dept. He holds a BE degree in Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, and a M.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Areas of Interest: magnetic random access memory, growth and characterization of magnetic thin films for device application, memory reliability of cache and embedded memories in advanced technology nodes.

New Faculty

Dr. Gowrish B. has recently joined as an Assistant Professor in ECE Dept. He completed his M.Tech in RF Design & Technology IIT Delhi in 2013 and Ph.D. in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in April 2021.

Areas of Interest: His current areas of research are design of waveguide filters, dielectric resonator filters, co-axial cavity filters for satellite application, passive component design using waveguide, rect-ax and microstrip technology.