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Analytical Techniques in Electromagnetics, Efficient Antenna Design, Surface Electromagnetics, Frequency Selective Surface and Metasurface, Thin Electromagnetic Absorber, Scattering and Polarization Control of EM Wave

Award Institute Year Awarded
National Scholarship MHRD, Government of India 2003
Certificate of Merit for High Rank in Secondary Examination West Bengal Board of Secondary Education 2005
Modeling Challenge Award Computer Simulation Technology 2015
DST-INSPIRE Faculty Award Government of India 2018
Young Scientist Award International Union of Radio Science (URSI)- Regional Conference on Radio Science (RCRS) 2020
Degree Subject University Year Studied
PhD. RF and Microwave Engineering IIT Kharagpur 2018
ME Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering IIEST Shibpur 2013
B. Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering WBUT 2011
Scheme Sponsoring Agency Other Faculties Year Sponsored
Low-Profile Frequency Selective Radome with Wide Absorption Band and Low In-Band Insertion Loss INSPIRE, DST 2019
Membership Details
IEEE, Member
Title Course Code Course Semester
Introduction to Electronics and Communication Engineering ECN 101 B. Tech Autumn
Fundamentals of Electronics ECN 102 B.Tech Spring
Linear IC Applications Lab ECN 351 B. Tech Spring
Topic Scholar Name Status of PhD Registration Year
Frequency Selective Surfaces Priyanka Bajaj O 2019
Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) Design for Antenna Applications Deepak Kumar Sahoo O 2021
Course Name Sponsored By Date Participated
GIAN course on Millimeter-wave Antennas, Circuits and Systems MHRD, Govt. of India Nov 2017
Design of Microwave Antennas for Wireless Communication Applications CEP, IIT Kharagpur Aug 2017
Title Place Date Delivered
Planar Periodic Impedance Surfaces: Engineering and Applications IEEE Outreach Leadership Meet, IIT Kharagpur Oct 2019

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1. D. Kundu, A. Mohan, and A. Chakraborty, "Ultrathin polarization independent absorber with enhanced bandwidth by incorporating Giuseppe Peano fractal in square ring," Microwave and Opt. Technol. Lett., vol 57, no. 5, pp. 1072-1078, 2015.

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